Kamis, 05 April 2012

10 Contoh Kalimat Aktif Dan Pasif Bahasa Inggris

Irfan helps Amel
Amel  is helped by Irfan
Sisca made that story  in Columbia
That story was made in Columbia by sisca
A lot of man are talking about Women.
Women are being talked about by a lot of man
I  meet her yesterday
She were meet by me yesterday
The farmers are going to harvest the crops next week
The crops are going to be harvested by the farmers next week.
She had walk this park for 5 minutes when I got here
This park had been walk by her for 5 minutes when I got here
Istia goes to campus every day
Campus is gone by istia every day
Istia is dancing salsa right now
Salsa is being danced by istia right now
He has just moved to another place
Another place has been just moved by him
They would have been living here for ten years
For ten years would have been lived here by them

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